Protocol : Funke & Huster - ZM400


Parameterization :

CDE adapter :

Modulation mode :

Baud rate :

Data byte :

Stop byte :

Parity :

Timeout :  

switch setting EES or PCM

pulse-code-modulation asynchronous

100 - 9600 baud

7 ( variable )

1 ( variable )

even / gerade ( variable )

250 msec ( variable )

The recording of an  existing coupling unit is checked on occurring offenses or differences to a "trouble-free" data transmission (limited procedure monitoring). Please make sure that reception and transmission lines are plugged.

The protocol file of the coupling unit contains beside practical data all protocol- dependent control signs.

Detailed information for transmission

with  ENQ               :  Enquirly 

        ACK0 / ACK1  :  Acknowledge ( positive Ackn )

        EOT                :  End of Transmission

The faultless receipt of blocks is signed alternately with mit ACK0 and ACK1 to the recognition of sequence errors.

with STX : Start of Text

        ETX : End of Text

      TPAD : Trailing Pad ( wird auch gesetzt nach ENQ , EOT , ACKI ,NAK )

The first character of  a data block is a qualifier.

At most 7 formats, which are checked as regards content, are transmitted  with the transmission routine.

Because of the restricted monitoring procedure it is only tried to recognize  a format  with the  monitoring operation, because Signatrans  ZM 400 system-  and  process commands  are not registered with the current implementation.

A format consists of 10 signs with the following description

Byte meaning












line number

main address


data word 0

data word 1

data word 2

data word 3

data word 4

data word 5

LIAN / SIMO - Operation mode

Monitoring  times can be checked indirectly by a suitable timeout-parameterization. Counter repetitions are not implemented..

The filter aims primarily at the tranmission of a format  (after the  identyfier ). Formatchainings are not supported.

Transmission errors

*F:Blocklength : Data transmission block is too long.
*F:ACKNumber : Receipt of an invalid ACK-number.
*F:BlockCheckCode : The telegramm check sum in the BCC-Byte is faulty.
*F:SYNC :  

The  receive routine searches for ENQ, ACKi, NAK, STX, EOT,  CTRL_I  ( Terminalmode ).when setting up. Each other sign is marked with an asterisk  '*' in SIMO and as synchronization error in the protocol-file.

*F:EndofText :   Invalid  ETX-character  at that position.
*F:TelegramFormat : Format error with the transmissen routine or invalid value within a format.
*F:TrailingPadChar : An expected TPAD-sign was not received.
*F:SOZ :   Invalid special character in the data block.
*F:Overflow :   Error message by UART
*F:Parity :   Error message by UART
*F:Start / StopBit :   Error message by UART


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