General protocol : Terminal Function


The Terminal Function defines the current channel as terminal interface, that means, characters can be received / transmitted from / to a keyboard. 

This function offers the possibility of using th PC as a so called pocket-terminal. Data can be read out of the memory and written back to the memory again. The Terminal can be used for the re-parameterization of Siemens SINAUT 8FW stations or data transfer in the FWK 8/ II or FWK 16/ III. 

Parameterization :


CDE adapter :

Transfer rate :

Data byte :

Stop bit :

Parity :

Data format :

switch setting  PCM

50 - 57600  baud

8 bit ( variable )

1 bit ( variable )

even / gerade ( variable )

Transparent, FWK-16/ III Trace


A supplied FWP adapter is used as signal converter and put in as connection between the monitor cable and the parameterization-interface-socket at the Siemens FWP module.


Parameterization  for the applicaton at the FWP module :


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