Protocol : Landis & Gyr - TELEGYR 805/ 809


The protocol TELEGYR 805/ 809 is also available in the LIAN 98 Software,
running under the operating system Microsoft® Windows® ( 32/ 64 bit ).

see : LIAN 98 Protocol Router, Simulator and Analyzer


Parameterization :

CDE adapter :

Modulation mode :

Transmission rates :

Data byte :

Parity :

Timeout :

switch setting  PCM

pulse-code-modulation asynchronous

100 - 57600 baud

8 bit ( variable )

even ( variable )

250 msec ( variable )

Particular features

Because of the unusual telegram structure , which aims for maximum compression of the send data , several compromises had to be made when implementing in LIAN :

-Editing :

With the T809 , several different "objects" can be packed together in one telegram ; In the editing windows ,  this is achieved by an object list in which up to eight different objects can be entered.
When an objet type has been selected , one then has the choice between the six possible addresses and  then the address and the information part of the required object can be edited. The editing range can be  exited only by entering <ESC> in the object list window. Since the structure of the editing buffer does not correspond to that of the send data , it is highly advisable not to use the low level editing tools "sax" and "sq" .

-Filters :

To facilitate analysis of the received telegrams , it is possible with the T809 to filter not only the telegram header but also objects. A telegram is allowed through only if at least one object comes through the filter and only these objects  appear in plain text when outputting to screen.

-Error check :   In addition to the error check described below , the following errors can also be output to screen in plain text :

*Unknown IAC :                  The number of the object is unknown.

*Object length   :                  The telegram is too short.

*Wrong number of v-bits : Appears , for example , if more than two v-bits are set with count values.

As soon as an error of this kind is detected , plain text output is aborted because the data block is inconsistent

Telegram structure

Transmission errors

*F:BCCode: The Telegram check sum is not correct.
*F:Blocklength : The stop byte is missing or is not on the right place.
*F:TelFormat : The telegram header of the 68H telegram is faulty.
*F:TimeOut :
Within a telegram , there may be no pause between characters. The sensivity of SIMO can be parameterized in LIAN.
*F:SYNC : The receive routine looks for  68H , 10H or E5H. Every other character is given an asterisk '*' in SIMO and a synchronization error is noted against it in the protocol.
*F:Overflow  : Error message from the UART.
*F:Parity : Error message from the UART.
*F:Start / Stop : Error message from the UART.
*F:Hamming code : The CRC is not correct with a pulse or persistent command.


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