Protocol : Siemens - SINAUT HSL


Parameterization :

CDE adapter :

Modulation modet :

Baud rate :

Hamming distance :

Tolerance limit :

Modulation :

Message gap :

TxT-level :

Telegram length :

switch setting  PDM


50 - 1200 baud


0- 50%

2,6 (variable)

7,8 (variablle)

+12V / -12V

fixed, 59 bits

Telegram structure

Bit shifter

In SIMO you can activate a bit shifter via the command "bs". It enables you to set a bit conveniently into the information block of the relevant telegram. When exceeding the information area the message address is automatically increased or reduced by 1.

In the window "bit shifter" you can use the following command :
[1-9] Sprungweiten n festlegen 
[Pfeil-rechts] n bit to the right
[Pfeil-links] n bit to the left
[Pfeil-oben] inrease  message address by 1
[Pfeil-unten] reduce  message address by 1
[S] transmit message
[ESC] .......quit entry mask

It should be taken into account that the bit shifter doesn't change the message address and the information block ; previous settings are  not  lost. Furthermore its application is not useful with all message types ( only commands and messages ).

Transmission errors

*F:Blocklength  Message is too short or too long
*F:Hammingcode   The check bit is incorrect
*F:TimeTolerance   The received sign cannot be identified clearly ( parameter tolerance limit in LIAN).
*F:2out of 5 Code   The address code (2out of 5) is faulty.


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