Protocol : ABB - RP570 / RP571


The protocol ABB RP570 and ABB RP571 is also available in the LIAN 98 Software,
running under the operating system Microsoft® Windows® ( 32/ 64 bit ).

see : LIAN 98 Protocol Router, Simulator and Analyzer


RP570/ 571 : Parameterization



CDE adapter :

Modulation mode :

Transmission rates :

Data byte :

Stop bit :

Parity :

Time out :

switch setting  PDM

pulse-code-modulation asynchronous

100 - 57600 baud

8 bit ( variable )

1 bit ( variable )

even ( variable )

250 msec ( variable )

Telegram structure :

RP 570/571 uses the IEC 870-5-1 FT 1.2 telegram format with variable and fixed length as well as the single character E5H. 



Particular features

The number of data bytes in the single message is fixed or variable. Therefore automatically the exact or minimal length is set. 

If a bigger  as the minimal length is set with previous selection of the same ( var. ) message this value is unchanged.

A manipulation requires an exact knowledge of the relevant message format. This is applied also to the M / D-Bit with some commands. Therefore the information are supplemented by "( ! )"

The FCODE of each message is clearly determinated and should not be changed.

Plain text
There is no check of the maximal length.

If no name could be assigned to the telegram , but the remaining checks  ( check sum etc. ) had proceeded positively , the symbol "???" is set instead of the name. 

There is no more analysis of practical data ( as of data byte 3 ) of the respective ( var. ) telegram types.

Transmission errors

*F:BCCode : The telegram check sum in the BCC-byte is incorrect.
*F:Blocklength :  The stop-byte 16H is missing or set wrongly.
*F:TelFormat : The repetition of the length or the start sign in the telegram header is faulty.
*F:TimeOut : Within a telegram there may be no pause between characters. The sensitivity can be parametrized in the program LIAN.
*F:SYNC : The receive routine initially searches for the start-byte ( 68H or 10H ). Every other character is given an asterisk "*" in SIMO and a synchronization error is noted against it in the protocol-file.
*F:Overflow : Error message by UART.
*F:Parity : Error message by UART.
*F:Start/Stop : Error message by UART.


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