Protocol : ABB - Indactic 13


Parameterization :

CDE adapter :

Modulation mode :

Baud rate :

Data byte / Cyclus :  

Tolerance limit :

PC-TxT level :

switch setting  PDM because of synchronous transmission

pulse-code-modulation synchronous

100 - 1200 baud

1 - 64 , number of bytes , following the two synchro words (equipment-specific constant)

0 - 50%

-12V / +12V

Particular features

The receive module first searches for the two synchro bytes when setting up (1, 1.5*0, 1, 0).  All other bit patterns are entered as synchronization error in the protocol file. 

Telegram structure :

Synchronization character :

Data :

2 x FA hex with even parity ( LSB-first )

8 bit with uneven parity

Each telegram cycle is started with two synchro bytes, followed by data bytes which can be parameterized

Particular features

The receive module first searches for the two synchro bytes when setting up. In SIMO correctly received signs are displayed by a dot '.', failures by an asterisk '*' (and entered into the protocol file). In SIMO/TRAP data bytes are analysed only generally because the assignment of information characters may be parameterized individually (via a table of cycle descriptions). For this reason also, filter and trigger settings are not possible.

Simulation :

The simulation mode is implemented for transmitting cyclically  w i t h o u t  break. When entering 'rtu' into the transmission window in SIMO the current send buffer will be transmitted cyclically. If a new telegram is selected and sent with 'ss' it is repeated cyclically until a new telegram is to be transmitted. Entering 'rtu' again the simulation mode is ended.

Limitations :

Only each first telegram is entered into the archive. Transmission on the other channels is only possible if they are parameterized with PCM. The commands 'ss', 'sm' and 'sz' are structured analogously, i.e. if a new cyclic telegram is transmitted; it is not displayed in the transmission list ( 'ps') and cannot be deleted with 'kill' (only via 'rtu' such a job can be ended). Sequences are only transmitted without establishing a new background job.

Transmission erorrs


The measured time between two slopes cannot be assigned definitely to a certain number of bits. The sensitivity of SIMO is adjustable via the parameter tolerance limit.

*F:Parity : The parity bit is incorrect.


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