General protocol : Asynchronous PCM


The function asynchronous PCM records the data received by UART independently of the protocol. Blocking is either done after a TimeOut or after 255 characters. 

Parameterization :

CDE adapter :

Baud rate :

Data byte :

Stop bit :

Parity :

Time out :

switch setting  PCM

25 - 115200 baud  (see below)

8 bit (variable)

1 bit (variable)

even / gerade (variable)

200 msec (variable)

As particular feature you can also set unusual baud rates in PCM mode. The UART's formula for calculating these values is:

Baud rate  = 115200 / factor

Under the LIAN menu item  Parameter you can enter any value from 1 to 57600 baud. If a baud rate is not adjustable the next possible is taken.

Program SIMO and Program TDEP

A data block can be edited in the following formats:
command: 'sax'

command: 'sad'

command: 'sab'

command: 'saa'






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