3  Installation of LIAN DOS

Before installing LIAN on your PC, please read the readme.txt file on the program disk. This file contains current information for installation and notes on the program amendments of the latest version.

The LIAN installation program initially requests you to enter your licence number. You will find this on the LIAN program diskettes and on the delivery note.


3.1 MS-DOS Installation

By entering a:\instlian at the MS-DOS prompt the LIAN installation program is activated.

In order to read the file readme.txt please enter edit a:\readme.txt at the DOS prompt or select the menu item <ReadMe> in the installation program.


3.2 MS-Windows 95/98 Installation

Please insert LIAN disk 1. By twice clicking My Computer and 3,5-disk (A:) instlian.exe appears. By again clicking twice on instlian.exe the installation routine is started.

Two icons are automatically displayed on screen: LIAN and LIAN_RAM. By clicking twice one of the two icons LIAN is started in MS-DOS mode. Only the version LIAN_RAM requires rebooting your PC.

LIAN_RAM is designed for using a RAM-disk. Please first check the setting of paths and the size of the RAM disk. Please proceed as follows:

Click the icon with the right mouse button and select Properties. A file card window is opened, now select the Program card. A further click on Advanced gives you two windows to adjust CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT to LIAN.


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